Community interpreting and mediation for international organisations and multinationals

SMG’s linguistic and cultural mediation service is specifically designed for the demands of public services (community interpreting) and international organisations and multinational companies, which require cultural-linguistic support to manage dialogue with individuals of cultures and ethnicities different from their own.

The liaison support of one of our linguistic and cultural mediators can make all the difference. Just think about the crucial role of community interpreters in public services: in addition to translating the conversation, the mediator clarifies and explains things that are taken for granted but that in the other culture cannot be understood, helps to manage crises and cultural conflicts, prevents misunderstandings and highlights opportunities.

With regard to mere translation, cultural mediation provides an interpretation of reality to promote its understanding by those who would otherwise not understand.

Specific areas in which linguistic and cultural mediation improves the relationship with a foreign audience

  • Information and assistance to immigrants and foreigners at welcome and orientation centres.
  • Orientation and communication with immigrants at immigration centres.
  • Inter-cultural dialogue for foreign missions, both civil and military.
  • Cultural language advice during political negotiations.
  • Language assistance for foreign patients in hospital facilities.
  • Language and integration support for foreign students in schools.
  • Cultural and linguistic support during business meetings and intense negotiations.
  • Managing cultural differences and trade union issues with a foreign workforce.


Studio Moretto Group can provide a professional cultural mediation service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. To find out more on the technical specifications for the provision of the service, clients are kindly asked to send a request to our offices including their personal details and details of their requirements.

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