Banking translation services

The banking translation services offered by SMG UK’s linguistic centres are professional translation services which are certified to UNI EN 15.038 and ISO 17.100 standards. Our company translates in the main demand languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, etc.). Translations are supplied by native speaker in-house staff. We also guarantee quality professional services in other languages by using qualified external translators. This organisational system, certified ISO 9001: 08, allows us to supply banking institutions with on-demand translation services in nearly 80 languages, whilst respecting stringent delivery times.

The principal types of documents included in the service are:

  • Financial reports;
  • External communications: translations of newsletters, websites, external correspondence and brochures for financial products;
  • Loan contracts: translation of mortgage and financing contracts;
  • Debt collection practices;
  • Internal procedures: translations of banking procedures manuals, forms and management software interfaces;
  • Minutes from Boards of Directors and Shareholders’ Meetings.

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