Technical and legal translations for the aerospace and airport sector

In over 30 years of activity, Studio Moretto Group has completed technical translation projects for major companies such as Airbus and airports such as the operator Aeroporti di Roma, which have included the translation of websites, advertising-information material, flight safety regulations and business presentations.

Translation for the aerospace sector requires a high level of technical accuracy from the linguist who consequently needs to know how to handle concepts of physics, mechanics and electronics, often in the context of new technology.

In order to meet this challenge on a daily basis, our work process includes valuable time spent on training and improving our linguistic staff, as well as the application of rigorous verification and validation procedures to the technical terminology.. SMG UK Translations Limited is happy to demonstrate the effectiveness of its services by supplying a trial translation test. SMG UK is always open to discussing its translation choices with the customer.

Some of our satisfied clients:

We guarantee absolute confidentiality for your aviation translations

In the aviation industry, a lot of the documents, content and projects are produced and classified with varying degrees of confidentiality, including “Confidential”, “Highly Confidential”, “Secret” and “Top Secret”.

Texts containing this kind of sensitive information are subject to rigorous management protocols designed to protect client privacy and prevent the dissemination of details concerning contracts, private agreements and the personal information of clients and employees of these companies, which must not become public knowledge.

Studio Moretto Group has long been compliant with existing regulations to ensure the proper handling of this information, in order to ensure the delivery of aviation translations that are not only terminologically accurate and true to content but also produced in accordance with strict internal management protocols that protect both confidentiality and quality.

When it comes to quality, SMG’s aviation translation services are also ISO 9001:15 and UNI EN ISO 17100 certified.

Our glossary on Aerospace terminology: we provide accurate technical translation services

Case Studies

Supporting one of the world’s biggest players in the aerospace industry

In-house translations, management of confidential information

Studio Moretto Group provides specialist translations to one of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers. We provide this aviation giant with our best native translators specialised in the field, who guarantee maximum terminological accuracy and ensure that the translated documents comply with international regulations and the company’s technical and commercial requirements.

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To ensure maximum confidentiality, many of the translation services provided are performed by our translators directly at the client’s premises, so that the information contained in these classified documents remains within the system throughout the process. This is a high security service available to all our clients with similar needs.
The translations carried out at SMG’s premises also follow strict internal procedures and adhere to the highest quality standards, allowing us to handle texts classified as ‘Restricted’, ‘Confidential’, ‘Secret’ and ‘Top Secret’.


Translations for aviation security

Translations of manuals, specialised terminology, editing of machine translations

We have also carried out specialist translations in the field of aviation for airport infrastructure security.
Specifically, we have translated the manuals created by EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) containing information on the accessibility of airport facilities, with detailed instructions on runway configuration, runway lights and approaches.

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These manuals, written by the European agency in English, had to be adapted for the Italian public and the challenge proved very interesting: our specialist translators had to render in Italian aeronautical terms that, though having an official equivalent in Italian, are in fact often used in English by international pilots, which could easily lead to misunderstandings and misinterpretations.
Our in-house staff specialised in the aviation sector also proved to be a very important resource for the revision and editing of machine translations provided by the client and containing awkward mistakes: a perfect example of this is bird strike, which had been literally translated into Italian as ‘strike organised by birds’, a nonsensical translation that reminds us once again just how crucial human involvement is in the translation process, with at least one revision of the client’s machine translation.

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