Multilingual translation service for household appliances

Technical manuals in 74 languages

We specialise in the translation of manuals for large appliances (refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, washer-dryers, etc.) as well as translations for small appliances (mixers, deep fryers, ice-cream makers, etc.). We also specialise in the translation of electronic equipment (TVs, VCRs, etc.) and translation for air conditioning and ventilation. Our service is available in the major commercial languages, from Chinese to Norwegian or Hindi, we cover 74 different languages and dialects.

…and laid out like the original copy!

The preparation of multilingual technical manuals and documents for the kitchenware industry includes our assistance in the layout of the texts (DTP), which is necessary especially in the case of languages which use special characters, such as German, Arabic or Chinese.

You can send us your manuals in the original format, including InDesign, Frame Maker, AutoCAD, CorelDraw and others: we will translate directly into that format and will return texts which are already correctly laid out and ready for printing.

Multilingual glossary of household appliances

Why are our translations of such a high quality? Because we have created a technical, multilingual glossary for the domestic appliances sector. It contains all the terminology that we use for our translations and we are happy to share it with our clients. After gaining many years of experience in the sector and translating hundreds of technical texts, we have created this collection of terminology in order to help other companies during the translation process. The glossary is widely used by SMG professionals when carrying out translation projects and is, therefore, a useful tool that you can rely upon, if necessary.

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