Language assistance for the energy sector

SMG Energy is the line of hyper-specialised language and translation services that SMG Languages has developed in order to assist companies in the energy sector.

Presented below is some of the information on the research conducted in this area, our everyday experience of translation and how we manage knowledge in this field.

Expert translators

Over time, we have selected translators with experience in this field, many of whom hold engineering degrees.

Translator training

Our staff are trained on the subject matter through the use of internal material that we have created for that purpose. We have also organised study visits to the plants of clients who are industry leaders (manufacturers of turbo generators, solar panels etc.). The fact that we receive feedback from our clients and revisers on every single translation produced, means that our linguists can expand their knowledge as they work: to date we have in fact translated more than 2,000,000 words in the energy sector!

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Our glossaries

We have compiled internal terminology databases to assist translators with over 15,000 specialist technical terms:


collection of terminology for translation into Italian, English and French.


Components for plants:

batteries, cables, inverters, solar panels, disconnectors, test and configuration systems: Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, English and French.



Russian, Polish, Italian, English and French.


Plant design:

Romanian, Croatian, Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic.


Power lines:

Norwegian, Italian, English and German.


Oil pipelines:

Arabic, Ukrainian, Italian, English and Russian.


Solar panels:

Spanish, Chinese, Italian, English, German and French.


Turbo generators:

Czech, Slovakian, Hungarian, Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Russian.

How we translate

Our translators and revisers work in accordance with the strict UNI EN 15038 and ISO 17.100 quality standard. There is also a close dialogue with the customer to ensure that the linguists are fully aware of the communication needs of the customer and the energy sector.


The energy sector demands translations involving technical terminology and specific modes of expression that are not easily understood by a general translator with no knowledge of this sector. In addition, the continuing development of technologies for the energy sector is increasing this need. Our translation agency’s winning solution for this was to develop a glossary specifically tailored to supporting our energy translation services.

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