The most comprehensive translation service for your technical manuals

For more than 30 years, Studio Moretto Group has been supporting companies in the translation of ISO 9001 and ISO 17.100 certified technical manuals, deploying all the knowledge and expertise gained in the various industries served.

Covering more than 160 languages, our team consists of native translators who are experts in the subject matter.
The translation of technical documentation is available in various digital formats (InDesign, FrameMaker, AutoCAD, etc.): our DTP team guarantee multilingual page-setting of manuals of the highest quality, as well as the correct foreign language adaptation of technical drawings, captions and infographics.
And for new communication channels, the SMG team also includes experts in the production of multimedia language services for manuals, such as subtitling and dubbing, which can be very useful for providing consumers with practical audiovisual support.

Finally, we employ advanced technologies, such as CAT Tools, to create translation memories thanks to which we can retrieve repetitions from past translations and thus discount them when translating content for updated versions. This means you will receive translations quickly and benefit from considerable cost savings, while maintaining accurate and uniform style and terminology.

Multilingual publishing for technical manuals, guaranteed UNI 15.038 and ISO 17.100

Studio Moretto Group’s translations of technical manuals have been officially recognized for the excellent quality and highly competitive prices.

The quality of our manual translations is based on 4 fundamental factors:

  • Certifications ISO 9001:08, UNI EN 10.574 , UNI EN 15.038 and ISO 17.100
  • Native translators: with our offices and companies around the world, our group is among the few service providers to assign every job to a native translator;
  • Technical experience: our translators have years of experience in technical translation and are specifically trained in procedures for the translation of manuals, the Machinery Directive and the UNI Standard for Technical Documents;
  • Knowledge of the product:
    • Briefing: before starting to translate a technical manual, a briefing with the client helps to identify any special features of the product. A specific reference glossary is also prepared during this stage.
    • Checks during the course of translation: we maintain a constructive dialogue with the client to resolve any issues that may arise during the project and provide them with samples of the translation for quality checks prior to final delivery.

Professional Service

24/7 support

Our presence across the globe and in several different time zones allows our clients to contact us day and night.


Clients are assisted by a Project Manager, a single contact person who is at their complete disposal and coordinates the work of the translators.

Value for money

Our manual translation services are so competitive that they are even bought by other competitor translation agencies!


We use specific systems to retrieve repetitions from past translations and avoid having to translate from scratch every time.

Internal staff

In order to respond to the great demand for translation, our group employs predominantly internal staff, thereby avoiding the costly outsourcing to freelance translators as adopted by most traditional translation agencies.

The main types of technical documents we translate

  • Technical files: translation of technical files and the EC Declaration of Conformity required by the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC;
  • Technical manuals: translation of support manuals, service manuals, user guides, trouble shooting, instructions, user manuals, FAQs, etc.;
  • Web: adaptations and translations of tutorials and online support.


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