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The accuracy of translations for packaging is much more than just a question of image, it is also a form of protection for the manufacturer. An accurate translation service ensures that the packaging does not bear any information which differs from that of the original.

Regardless of the brevity of the information that is to be translated, whether it be a list of ingredients or warnings for the safety of consumers, our translators conduct extensive research to ensure that the texts fully comply with international standards. In order to provide an even better guarantee of quality, in case of any doubts, we ask that the customer is available for constructive discussion.

We would also like to emphasise that our services include the provision of translations in digital format or even in the layout of the customer’s graphic file. This aspect of our service is extremely useful, especially in the case of translations into languages that do not use Latin script, such as Arabic, Chinese or Japanese: our formatting service ensures that errors are avoided. One such error is when imported translated texts are modified because the customer’s graphic artist or layout artist make inadvertent mistakes because they do not know the foreign language.

We carry out technical translations for the primary packaging industry (packaging of individual sale units for consumers), the secondary packaging industry (packaging of more sale units for shelves and sales outlets) and the tertiary packaging industry (such as pallets and crates for transporting multiple units). Recently, we have received much appreciation for our multilingual product labels translation service: in this field we mainly carry out translations for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and detergent labels, also handling important aspects such as page layout and electronic formatting of the texts.
Our technical secretary will be at your disposal for any information you may require.

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