Having specialised for many years in managing multicultural projects, the decision to turn towards events was obvious for Studio Moretto Group. With multilingual staff who are aware of the importance of intercultural dialogue, our company now provides a range of services for the complete management of your events, whether it be conferences, corporate banquets, fairs etc. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Choice of venue and event manager: Studio Moretto Group helps you to find the ideal location to organise your event: room layout, set design, logistics management and activities supported by our audio/video technicians who are available to inspect the location and create 3D renderings and computer simulations to give you an idea of what your event will look like! This is a real team effort that only works if all of the staff are perfectly coordinated; this is why we also provide an event manager to orchestrate everything from supplier selection to event supervision on the day. Just like the event « Your Gate to Sicilian Excellence » that was designed to promote the Sicily’s gastronomic specialties in 5 different sectors: Culture & Food, Welcome Area, Mission Incoming and B2B Sicily, B2B Milan and Weeks in rotation. For this promotional campaign, it was necessary to coordinate the work of 36 interpreters (Italian, English, French, German and Spanish), 12 reporters, 22 guides/escorts and 142 hostesses/stewards: a challenge that SMG accomplished!
  • Catering and banquets: the gastronomic aspect of an event is not to be overlooked unless you want to be caught with an egg on your face. For your buffets, lunch boxes or even gala dinners, we adapt the menu to the culture of your guests in order to satisfy everyone’s needs. We can also offer regional specialities to allow participants to discover the local culinary traditions. Our cultural and linguistic skills also allow us to accompany the menu with descriptions of the origins and characteristics of each dish: a good way to strike up a conversation with new partners and collaborators etc. On the occasion of the “Environment Management – what’s changed in the regulatory scheme and business strategies” conference, organised by the Lombardy Region for the promotion and protection of Italy’s traditional agro-food production, SMG prepared a buffet for 350 people based on traditional Italian ingredients and DOC/PGI wines.
  • Extended or overnight stays: As is often the case with events, company representatives are invited to attend from regions other than the host country. It is therefore necessary to provide transport and accommodation for your guests. With Studio Moretto Group, you won’t have to worry about this. In fact, our event manager is responsible for registering participants, their transfers (plane, train, bus, shuttle etc.) and their accommodation (B&B, hotels, complexes etc.). Upon the customer’s request, we can also provide an escort or tour guide to show guests the artistic and cultural treasures of the region.
  • Graphics and promotional merchandise: Our printing and graphics services enable us to produce signs, totems, welcome kits, flyers, award certificates as well as multimedia applications for museums. For increasingly effective communication, we create and supply promotional merchandise reflecting the image of your company, project or event, as we did for the European project LIFE 2013 for the “Reducing sea turtle mortality due to commercial fishing” where we provided hats and beach bags.

For more information on our events services, write to us at events@smglanguages.com. We would be happy to embark on this new adventure with you!

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