Internships in Translation, Marketing, Human Ressources and Accounting

SMG UK Translations Limited (SMG UK) regularly organises internship programmes in the following areas of the company in order to identify and train staff we can work with in the future.

Internships in translation and interpreting

A hands on approach to technical, legal, financial, medical and literary translation, using CAT Tools and learning to organize the basic terminology for each project.

Project Manager Internship

Understanding how to manage a translation project, coordinate the linguists involved, maintain a relationship with customers and organize technical resources and necessary terminology.

Internship in Human Resources Management

Selection, evaluation, motivation and supervision of human resources at a multinational level, with particular attention to the identification of effective personal skills and the creation of information materials and training for staff.

Internship in Marketing and Sales

for international markets where our company operates, including the creation of concepts and suitable communication tools.

Accounting Internships

for practical training in managing multinational accounting.

IT Internships

programming and use of SQL, HTML and CAT tools.


For further information you can contact our Human Resource office

International internships at the multinational translation agency Studio Moretto Group


Training can last from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 11 months. The ideal training course lasts for around 6 months: this allows the candidate to experience all the typical unforeseen difficulties of the profession and to learn how to cope with stressful situations. At the end of the course, the candidate will not only have improved in language and translation skills, but he/she will also have developed competence in the use of the main CAT tools essential to professional translators.


The course participant works on real projects, with the support of expert trainers who provide feedback on the activities undertaken and further training support. Although the course is essentially practical, there will be some theoretical training. The results of the course will be awarded in the form of a certificate, which will be an important reference, in terms of both future employment and academic applications.


  • All the expected objectives in the Translation and project management course.
  • Efficient application of procedures in project management.
  • Efficient execution of client research tasks, management of offers and appointments.
  • Understanding of the reality of the translation market.


  • Understanding of the market and the company procedures in the sector;
  • Efficient use of the software used in the sector.


  • Translate different genres of texts. Those who complete a four month course should learn to translate 10 pages consisting of 1,500 characters in 8 hours to a ‘Medium’ level according to the quality levels defined by Studio Moretto Group; those who complete courses longer than four months should learn to translate 12;
  • Efficient use of the linguistic research tools;
  • Efficient use of the software used throughout the course;
  • Ability to type correctly with two hands;
  • Understanding of the professional reality for translators today;
  • Recognising one or more sectors in which they might specialise in the future.


Send your application to, attaching your CV and a cover letter indicating the course in which you are interested, the time you’re available for, which office (or offices) you would like to complete your course in, the languages you speak and your personal goals for the future.

Candidates will be sent an entrance test and will then be invited to an interview either as a video-conference, or at one of our offices.  According to the test score, we will personalise the training course to be adapted to each candidate and we will verify our business partners’ availability and offer some monetary compensation.

The company is also able to help candidates find accommodation and, in the case of interns studying at university, will assist with the necessary bureaucratic procedures.


Studio Moretto Group Srl is the holding company.
With the headquarters in Brescia, a city rich in history of business opportunities devoted to the finest in Italian production, this central office coordinates Group operations. You will work in a highly dynamic and international environment, which a great merit to our training course.
SMG Languages not only offers you superior professional training, it also gives you an unforgettable experience: immersed daily in a multicultural environment you will have the opportunity to talk different languages and interact with other professionals in your field. The strategic geographical position of the office also provides further opportunityies for the candidate’s personal growth.  Milan and Verona are within a easy travelling distance and, in just a couple of hours, you can appreciate the beauty of some of the most famous artistic cities in the world, such as Venice, Padua and Florence, or relax in one of the hundreds of picturesque villages on the shores of Lake Iseo or Lake Garda.

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SMG also offers translation, project management and marketing internships at their office in the centre of Milan. There are only a few positions available and the opportunity to do an internship at the Milan office is only reserved for applicants who excel in the admissions tests.  If you are young and are seeking an intensive learning experience, you will not want to miss out on this opportunity!

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SMG UK Translations Ltd. operates in London, UK.
The company hosts a pool of translators from all over the world. In a continuous climate of constructive exchanges, the candidate will refine his/her translation techniques, closely followed by tutors directly from the headquarters in Italy.

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The Madrid office hosts talented candidates who value a stimulating working environment and the charm of this attractive and modern European city.  Positioned in the heart of the city, the office handles both translations and communications projects with some of the biggest public corporations in Spain, as well as many of the company’s international clients.  An amazing work experience for those who aren’t afraid of a challenge!

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Medellín, the renowned “City of Eternal Spring”, welcomes you for a highly formative internship in translation, project management and international business. At the Colombian SMG office, you can enjoy a great professional and life experience in this vibrant city of Latin America.

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Lima is home to SMG’s Peru headquarters. This office provides an unforgettable internship experience. Immersed in the heart of the magical Peruvian culture, rich in history, local food and wine specialities and warm hospitality, you will have the opportunity to learn about different aspects of the work in a translation agency: from managing language projects to translation, as far as sales contact with potential clients. A unique experience guaranteed!

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Growth opportunities for the best interns


Studio Moretto Group offers hire contracts to its most deserving collaborators.

Collaboration as a freelance translator

Translate “from home” or work as an interpreter on behalf of Studio Moretto Group. The former intern becomes an independent freelance professional.

Collaboration as an agent/representative

Search for and manage a client portfolio for Studio Moretto Group. The former intern becomes an independent freelance professional.


The former intern has the opportunity to start their own Translation Centre under the Studio Moretto Group name. In addition to receiving a software package specially designed for translation centres, the affiliate will take part in our commercial and linguistic training programmes, receive promotional materials, benefit from our marketing and assistance for improving the quality of the services being offered. In other words, in just a short time you can establish your own translation centre backed by a brand that is already established in the field.

Information for universities on our internships and workshops

Why are looking for talented young people through internships?

SMG is a multinational group of translation companies that has been providing language services to public bodies and private companies since 1996. Solid linguistic research and growth based on in-house translation staff confirm SMG as a model of excellence and innovation within the translation industry.
The quality of our service is a direct result of the availability of our local offices and the use of in-house staff. Opening new offices and employing new staff are the main goals we seek to achieve in collaboration
with prestigious Universities. Internships are the best way for us to know the most talented young people and establish with them a long lasting collaboration.

Internships, workshops and much more

SMG selects students according to their aptitudes in order to build up a strong linguistic and commercial personnel. With the perspective to satisfy a high standard, SMG wants to work alongside young talent, training them to become part of the SMG team.

What do we offer:

  • Workshops at the University: SMG holds seminars to present the services that are available to the university, and to introduce the opportunities to the students.
  • Research: SMG entrusts innovative projects to the university, contributing actively with its ‘know-how’ and experience in collaborating with young talents.
  • Internships at our Offices Worldwide: our offices in Italy, Spain, UK, Colombia and Perù host and train the best students in project management and translation.
  • Internships in remote: students receive assignments from SMG and our trainers assist them via videoconference. Students work as if they were in our offices without having to move abroad.

SMG has offered workshops, conferences and presentations at numerous European and American universities.
These meetings have laid the foundations for solid collaborations and has demonstrated to students the openings in this linguistic sector. Please find a list of some of our visited universities below:

  • Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Brescia
  • Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan
  • Jagiellonian University, Krakow
  • Santa Maria Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Lima
  • Sedes Sapientiae Catholic University, Lima
  • Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Lima
  • Exeter University, Exeter