Do you want to communicate with foreign markets, and need language assistance? Take advantage of the ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 language solutions offered by Studio Moretto Group and its subsidiaries (SMG).

We co-ordinate a worldwide team of more than 800 industry professionals, including translators, interpreters, graphic designers, IT-specialists and consultants. Our experience and tried-and-tested work procedures ensure your message is translated and effectively communicated in over 160 languages. If you’re after a certified turnkey solution, we can help! Because quality and reliability are the two keywords to our business.

“Quality is not promised, it is demonstrated by our everyday work”. This is our philosophy, our will to do well that has made possible the growth of Studio Moretto Group. Welcome!


Our strenghts: the basis of our quality language services

Worldwide offices

With offices and permanent, well-trained and motivated staff on the ground, we are familiar with the local context in which you are seeking to operate.

Industry experts

Linguists and industry experts work as a team to provide technically accurate and linguistically correct services.

Research and technology

SMG has established the Language Research Institute, author of the Terminology Research Protocol, Industry-specific glossaries and research on the application of technologies to language processes, making our company a pioneer in the efficiency of translation processes. Have you read our blog? On this website, you will find a blog with articles dedicated to foreign language communication: don’t miss it!

Client focus

Are you looking for professional support for a turnkey service? Here’s how our Project Managers can help you:
• They provide advice tailored to your needs.
• They organise customised services.
• They are always on hand; with offices based in several time zones, we guarantee 24h support.

Data security

Classified information management systems
• Redundant data Backup.
• Disaster recovery procedures.

How we provide linguistic and translation services in accordance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 standards

As your in-house translators!

Our translators have experience in the sector and the customer’s activities so that they are able to work as if they were internal resources. Each text is then subjected to stringent quality assurance checks and all information is stored to ensure the constant improvement of services.

Management of processes and people

To improve our teamwork, we have developed systems and processes which have been adopted by all our foreign offices. Our multinational dimension allows us to assist you 24/7, even managing your work at night and ensuring the availability of permanent and properly trained staff.

Social consciousness

SMG social consciousness is the ultimate guarantee of service performance and, above all, it ensures that our employees are treated with equality in all countries.

QA Certificates

We have been awarded three international quality certifications, proof of the working procedures shared by all of our companies and of their capacity for dialogue with clients big and small, providing answers and solutions with speed, transparency and critical judgement.


The ISO 17100 certification attests to the quality of our linguistic and translation services: SMG was one of the first companies worldwide to pass the rigorous quality standards.
In 2006, SMG obtained certification of compliance with the UNI 10574 standards: ‘Definition of services and activities by translation and interpreting companies.
In 2008, our commitment to producing high quality translation services was rewarded with the certification of compliance with the UNI 15038 standard: ‘Translation services’.
Studio Moretto group is ISO 9001 certified by URS Italia, a company accredited by the prestigious, internationally renowned European accreditation body UKAS.

Quality assurance system ISO 9001 and ISO 17100

Quality monitoring

The SMG Quality Control System is UNI EN ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified.

SMG monitors and controls quality by means of the following actions:
Verification and validation of the services.
Client Satisfaction Surveys
Key Performance Indicators (KPI).
Internal audits and audits by independent entities.

SMG manages projects via the SMGDesk platform, which allows all operational and organisational information to be monitored and shared with the Client, and ensures the prompt identification of non-conformities and the implementation of Corrective Actions for their resolution and prevention.

Service quality control

SMG controls the quality of the service underway by means of Translator correction, Reviser and PM verification and validation, also carried out through specific highly advanced computational language systems

Customer Satisfaction

SMG constantly assess the Client’s level of satisfaction with the services provided. The Client may make complaints and evaluations by choosing the preferred method from the following:

  • Using the relevant forms on the SMGDesk platform;
  • Filling in the Client satisfaction monthly questionnaire, which SMG sends via email;
  • Contacting the PM via telephone or email;
  • Requesting a meeting with the PM.

Every day the Project Management Director monitors the Client’s satisfaction level, reported by the PMs and by the Client itself. The Project Management Director supervises PMs and dialogues with the Client in order to assess their level of satisfaction and improve services. To this end, they manage any corrective actions and Improvement Plans, which may involve the reorganisation of resources and processes.
The Project Management Director will be at the Client’s disposal every day and will propose quality improvement meetings at least once every two months.

Key Performance Indicators: KPIs

SMGDesk monitors activity conformity by means of the monthly self-inspection of its data, submitting a report to the SMG Management using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), including:

  • Quantity of text translated compared to quoted figures, categorised by language, user nationality, intended use and level of urgency.
  • Any late delivery of service.
  • Lack of qualified personnel: the system provides notification when the level of skill of the personnel available does not meet the Client’s expectations.
  • Absence of personnel due to holiday or sick leave.
  • Level of satisfaction indicated by the Client and Client end-users.
  • Complaints by the Client and by Client end-users


In order to verify the compliance of its departments and suppliers, SMG:

  • Receives an annual audit from the URS Italia certification institute, which certifies compliance with the standards of Independent Auditor accredited by UKAS, a leading and internationally recognised European accreditation body;
  • Conducts monthly audits on all its company functions;
  • Willingly takes Client audits for consideration.

Analysis reports, coordination meetings and Improvement Plan

The Client may ask the PM for reports on the activities carried out, or may generate them independently on the SMGDesk platform.
As an example, the report may contain the following information, with reference to the period indicated by the Client.

  • Statistics on the quantity and cost of services ordered, categorised by type, language, time of request, urgency, commissioning office and any other criteria to be included by the Client.
  • Details of each job: Translator’s name, applicant office, language, subject, date and text length.
  • Personal data sheets of the Translators used.
  • Level of quality expressed by the Client and by the Audits.
  • Access to completed translations and the glossary.

The Client may ask the PM for the the following analyses and improvement actions, ir view them on SMGDesk, which may entail, as an example, an increase in personnel, training, fulfilment of legislative requirements and the development of systems, technologies and procedures. The Client can use SMG’s analyses to assess the requirements of their end users and request adjustments to the service and the number of languages.

  • At the end of each month, SMG provides the Client with the monitored data and the improvement actions for the following month, presented in a Monthly Improvement Plan.
  • Each December, SMG submits the data monitored throughout the year and the improvement actions for the following year, presented in an Annual Improvement Plan.
  • Prior to each service provided, and every December, SMG carries out a forecast analysis of the linguistic demands and socio-demographic context of the intended audience, taking into consideration official statistics and those provided by the Client, in order to improve the service in relation to the following points:
    – Languages requested, frequency and volume of requests.
    – Communication requirements of the end users of the service.
    – Health and safety protection for workers.
    – Systems and technologies needed for the service.
  • Coordination meetings between SMG and the Client. The Project Management Director will be at the Client’s disposal every day and will propose quality improvement meetings at least once every two months, with the aim of assessing the performance of the services and identify solutions to any issues. The meetings will also be an opportunity to present the SMG statistical reports to the Client.

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