The commitment of SMG towards renewable energy

2015 comes to an end. Milan’s Universal Exposition, and with it all the expectations and chances of development of what was the key and the and most eagerly awaited event of the year, both for Italy and for many foreign markets, are now behind us.

SMG was able to stand up to this great challenge by confirming itself the official Expo 2015 supplier for foreign communication and event management services, in support of public bodies engaged in the promotion of national excellence and in the implementation of environmentally friendly policies for the future, among which the Sicily Region and several offices of Lombardy Region.

SMG: fornitore selezionato Expo 2015.
SMG was chosen as selected supplier for EXPO 2015 for international communication and event management services.

Last but not least, SMG services owe their success also to the farsightedness, which led the company to create its know how on the basis of a long-standing expertise in the area of international communication for the agri-food sector and for the renewable energy sector, with a particular focus on the solar photovoltaic and cogeneration sectors.

Future scenarios: Antalya 2016 and Astara 2017

But what are the prospects for the future? The issue of energy and eco-sustainability has always been one of the main strands of past EXPOs, which have focused on topics of global social interest, such as the care and protection of water and oceans (Lisbon 1998, Zaragoza 2008, Yeosu 2012), or the responsible development of new technologies. Therefore, the forthcoming gatherings will be up to it.

The first meeting is scheduled for 2016 against the backdrop of Antalya, Turkey. The discussion topic that will be tackled (“Flowers and Children, A Green Life For Future Generations”) will be related to the horticultural sector and to floriculture, while for 2017 a gathering in Astana has already been confirmed.

Since 1997, Astana has been the capital of Kazakhstan – the second coldest capital in the world after Ulan Bator, Mongolia – and since 2001 has constituted a Special Economic Zone to promote foreign investment and development of SMEs.

As the chosen topic “Future Energy“ suggests, the focus of EXPO 2017 will, in particularly cover the issues of renewable energy and its responsible and efficient use.
As announced in a recent press release from Farnesina, Italy, Host Country of this Exposition, has already confirmed its participation in the next two events, which appear to be a seamless continuation of the topics of Expo 2015. In addition, they are important milestones on the road to Dubai 2020, where “Sustainibility” will be one of the key subtopics together with “Mobility” and “Opportunity” in the proposed framework on “Connecting Minds, Creating The Future“.

Preview of the Dubai 2020 project

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