Scientific and medical research is one of the most important themes in modern society : technological developments over the last decades have enabled science to make considerable progress in the field of human and veterinary medicine… and the future promises us more ground-breaking scientific conquests!

It is therefore essential that everyone has access to these discoveries. SMG Languages plays its part by supplying scientific, medical and cosmetic translations.

Before being permitted to sell medicine, the institutes concerned must submit a marketing authorisation dossier (MAA) to the competent health authorities containing, among other things, a description of the preparation method, contraindications, side effects, etc… Certain documents in the dossier have to be translated so that they can be used by a number of patients who do not necessarily speak the same language: Authorisation letter, Summary of Product Characteristics, Labelling, Directions for use. SMG Languages can perform this service themselves thanks to a team of translators specialised in medicine, in accordance with the EMA (European Medicines Agency) model in force when the translation is carried out, in order to deliver a service complying with the applicable regulations for obtaining an MAA.

Also in the research field, we help researchers who want to publish their articles in specialised reviews by providing translations in Spanish, German, French and a multitude of other languages to suit your needs. If Clients write the documents in the target language themselves, we will call upon our mother tongue professionals to reread the article with an emphasis on syntax, terminology, the use of an appropriate style to suit the specific publication, the application of quotation rules…

Finally, our company also provides language services for the cosmetics sector by translating the instructions for use of products for the face or body.

Medical translation should demonstrate impeccable precision as it concerns people’s health: no margin of error is permitted. The quality of our service is guaranteed by linguists that are highly specialised in their specific translation areas. Moreover, they have access to software such as Trados 2007 and Across 5.5 which are useful for reusing terminology that is repeated within the same document. Thanks to these programmes, our translators can give their full attention to new technical terms and guarantee the greatest level of accuracy.

For more information on this service, do not hesitate to contact our Medical Translation Department:

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