The translation, copywriting, and communication company SMG UK is updating its software base for a more comprehensive and higher quality service.

SMG UK has several years of experience with professional software such as Trados 2007 and a new 2013 edition, Across 5.5, for managing specialised CAT translation tasks. The use of this software guarantees that our clients will have higher quality, faster times, and lower costs.

Time-saving and cost reduction.

CAT software consists of professional applications for the archiving and subsequent consultation of technical texts together with their respective translations. Creating these archives reduces translation production times, thereby also reducing our clients’ costs.

Quality optimisation

Aside from its economic advantages, the use of CAT professional software considerably improves the quality of the text produced: the time saved thanks to the previously created databases makes it possible for translators to focus on terminological research and translating with greater accuracy the parts of the document that are not similar to those already in the archives.

Solutions for technical texts

With contacts between Italian and foreign countries on the increase, there are many technical texts that need to be translated into one or more languages. Translation of this type is a complex process as it requires not only an excellent general linguistic ability, but also a thorough terminological knowledge of various specialist sectors.

Consider a catalogue or technical manual: often these are very long, repetitive documents that take lots of time to translate and, consequently, the client has to pay more.

Archiving (human) translations in the translation database

For translating similar work, our professional translators can make use of appropriate CAT assisted translation software applications developed specifically for simplifying the translation process (not to be confused with the rather unreliable automatic translation software!).

These Translation programmes archive the translated texts and the corresponding translations in the translation databases, which contain all the terminology referred to in a specific text.

Use translation databases for equal or similar parts of a text, within the same task or in following tasks

When translating a new text with similar parts to an already translated text, the CAT application shows the translations used previously, allowing the translator to reuse them.

The process of checking and comparing with previously performed translations can also be applied to subsequent documents if they have similar parts to already translated documents. These checks ensure that the final document is accurate, uniform, and coherent both throughout and in relation to similar documents.

The possibility of updating and/or perfecting the databases over time, based on need

Translation databases are a valuable and flexible support as they can be modified or extended if necessary. If in a future document, a translator decides to replace a specific term with a clearer and more accurate one, or not to confirm the term that the application suggests, the more suitable term can be used, and updated throughout the whole document.

Moreover, if a client decides to update or change an original document, thanks to translation databases, a new translation can be produced very quickly, since only the amended parts need be translated without repeating the translation process from the start.

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