Translation services for notorial acts

SMG Languages provides the translation services and assistance of sworn interpreters for official legal acts and private acts drawn up as public acts by a notary.

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The main types of official acts that we can translate for you:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Deed of gift
  • Wills
  • Notarial acts (provided by Civil Law) and affidavits (provided by Common Law)
  • Incorporation

What is a notarial act? An important aspect of legal translations

In countries which are subject to Civil Law (excluding northern European nations such as Sweden, Finland, Denmark etc.), the notarial act is a private legal act which takes the form of a public act through the participation of a civil-law notary; in this case, the notarial act is also called a deed because it is a ‘drawn up’ document, which means it is drawn up in accordance with the Law by a notary who attests to the facts contained in the act.
However, under Common Law and in some North European countries (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, etc.) it is not possible to draw up a private act in the form of a public act because the role of the Notary Public in these countries does not correspond to that of the Civil-Law notary and the Notary Public only legalises signatures.

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