Summary translation

The summary translation service consists of translating the key points and passages of a text, a document, a manual or any other type of written content, covering only the most important information for the client.
In practice, expert native translators only translate into the target language those parts containing the most important data and concepts that they themselves identify and extrapolate from the texts provided by the client, following thorough reading and analysis.

Summary translations differ from other types of translation because they presuppose the rendering of the most important conceptseliminating all information superfluous to understanding the key points.
This significantly reduces the time that would otherwise be required to translate the full content.

The summary translation service is particularly recommended for the analysis of calls for tender, manuals, technical publications and any other kind of document containing large amounts of data that require skimming to extrapolate the information that the client really needs.

These are the manuals and publications that we can summarise for you:

  • Product descriptions;
  • Operating instructions;
  • Problem solving publications;
  • Reference standards;
  • Illustrations and diagrams;

Summary translations of tender offers:

  • Tender rules;
  • Technical specifications;
  • Forms.

We can include an explanatory translation with the summary translation, if you so wish.

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