Translations for the chemical industry

Studio Moretto Group offers scientific and technical translation services in several language pairs. Our offices around the world provide linguistic assistance in the chemical engineering field and specialise in the technical translation of texts relating to petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and industrial chemistry.


SMG Sci-Tech is the company department dedicated to chemical and pharmaceutical clients. Compliance with the ISO 17.100, UN EN 15.038 and ISO 9.001 international quality standards has allowed our translation agency to certify the quality of its own method developed over the years.

Our close attention, meticulous research of terminology and focus on the client’s needs have always characterised our translation process for the chemical industry. It is because of this method that, today, we can ensure the use of specialised, technical terms from the chemical and pharmaceutical field in all of our translations.

The main professional translation services that we have been providing to those working in the chemical industry cover the following areas:

  • Parachemistry: products for domestic use (paint, adhesives, cleaning products etc.).
  • Material industry: rubber, synthetic materials, fuels and additives.
  • Cosmetics: for a greater insight into our linguistic service dedicated to cosmetics, visit
  • Detergents: translation of technical specifications for cleaning and sanitation products;
  • Oenology: technical translations for winemaking;
  • Pharmaceuticals: translations for pharmaceuticals and medical products;
  • Plastic: translations of texts for the synthetic materials industry, and specifically the application of polymer chemistry;
  • Waste treatment: the translations of texts for the disposal of waste water, projects for waste treatments systems (composting and anaerobic digestion) and translations for the cogeneration industry;
  • Paints and surface treatments: technical translations for the surface treatment industry.

Some of our satisfied clients:

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