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Expressive translations for cosmetics

SMG Cosmetics is our line of translation and interpretation services in the field of hair care, make-up and toiletries: a service dedicated exclusively to the linguistic internationalisation of the cosmetics sector.

Brochures, labels, catalogues, fliers and PowerPoint presentations are just a few of the types of texts that we can translate and render effective in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Chinese and into the other languages of the global cosmetics market.

The availability of native speaker translators in our overseas offices enables us to translate while fully respecting the customer’s technical terms and, above all, to keep in the spirit of the advertising text by providing much more than a mere literal translation.

The presence of our interpreters at international fairs, such as CosmoProf, means that we can supply valuable linguistic support to the customer. The interpreting service is also available for business conventions, internal training courses and trade negotiations.

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We would like to tell you the story of our first translation services for cosmetics

The experience of our translation agency in the cosmetics sector began one morning in 2008, when we were contacted by a fast-growing company, Alfaparf. At that time, we were still a local translation studio, but our drive and solid technical experience helped us to pass the client’s entrance test, which consisted of an interpretation simulation and some technical translation tests. The client was looking for a translation agency that could combine a high level of terminological accuracy in the cosmetics sector with an outstanding capacity for expression, able to create fluid and highly emotive sentences.

Thus began our adventure with Alfaparf, who we have supported at many points in its skilful internationalisation efforts. Together, we tackled the classic challenges of translation in the context of a multinational cosmetic company that has to produce multilingual content and materials for consumers in foreign markets, for its sales force and for its increasingly international personnel. For example, we dealt with some interesting cases of terminological harmonisation, attempting to combine terminology from US, Australian and British English.

This first experience enabled us to take on the challenges posed by other companies in the cosmetics sector with technical expertise, by now with a deep awareness of language localisation in this sector and more determined than ever to make a difference!