From presses to bending machines, we assist you with top-notch translation services in all languages

Since 2001 we have been providing professional multilingual translations for the documentation of industrial machinery.

The result of our work to present amounts to 10,000,000 words translated among which technical manuals, catalogs, AutoCAD drawings, technical specifications, tender regulations, international standards, patents, software programs. The industry leader OMR Spa has said this about us:  “Regarding Studio Moretto Group we appreciate the quality of the text they provide as well as the helpful service”.

They translate for us

Mechanical, electronic, IT engineers who collaborate with our linguists so that the translations are the fruit of a real understanding of the subject matter.

In-house training

Our translators are constantly trained through in-house illustrative material regarding the specificities of each individual project, preliminary briefings and field visits to the factories of the client (in 2010 alone we visited 21 plants in Italy and Germany). Moreover, the feedback from our clients and revisers regarding each translation is an important honing tool for our translators.

Glossaries compiled

Below is a list of the in-house terminology bases we have compiled to standardize the terminology of our translations (over 60,000 specialized technical terms in Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Hungarian, Romanian, Czech, Slovakian, Slovenian, Croatian, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Chinese, Turkish and Arabic):

  • Industrial plants and automation systems: robotic workstations, handling systems (magnetic apparatuses) and processing lines (rolling mills, lines for stripping, sanding, welding, laser cutting, mechanical bending, heat treatments, surface finishing and packaging);
  • Machine tools: drills, lathes, milling machines, grinders, planers, filing machines, lappers, shapers, slotters, bushhammers, boring machines, benders and shearing machines;
  • Presses.

Our glossary of machine tools guarantees accurate translations

SMG has compiled a special glossary of terminology from the machine tool industry.
This is an excellent linguistic tool that includes terminology collected by SMG over many years of translating and reviewing technical texts.

Work process

All our work is checked before delivery through Revisions in conformity to UNI EN standards 10.574 and 15.038 and ISO 17.100, whereas our own terminology research is regulated by our Terminology Search Protocol which we presented formally at the Traductology Convention at the Università Cattolica of Brescia in 2010.

Special AutoCAD

Since 2004 we have been specialized in the translation of technical drawings in Italian, English and Russian directly in AutoCAD. Over 15000 drawings translated to present!.

SMG’s mission: how to support the machine tool sector

Technical innovation also poses challenges on a global scale regarding the accuracy of technical translations. For an expanding or well-established international company in the mechanical and machine tool industries, accurate and timely translations are becoming increasingly crucial. Language barriers are always a huge obstacle to the global development of markets. Today, new technologies and talents make globalisation a lot easier for businesses.

For years, SMG has been providing specialised linguistic support as well as technical translations. We support businesses who rely on our skills, professionalism and many years of experience in the machine tool industry.

At SMG, we have staff who are experts in the industrial sector , in CAD design terminology,in production processes for mechanical parts and the tools needed to process materials. We assist firms throughout the world by bringing into play our translators’ experience: welcome to SMG!

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