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If you work with foreign markets in a highly competitive world, you may need translation, interpreting and communication services even at night on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. SMG’s worldwide network of offices and highly motivated in-house staff enables us to organise 24/7 services based on our clients’ demands.

Our multinational structure requires that we develop projects at several offices working uninterruptedly throught the day and night. Translation delivery, interpreting services or planning on Saturdays, Sundays and during holiday periods – all this is part of the package and we are set up to help you.

For any type of request, or to schedule an off-hours job, just contact one of our offices.

Urgent work and meeting deadlines

Meeting deadlines and providing translations of huge amounts of urgent work, even over 100 pages a day, is assured by:

  • Worldwide locations: we have offices across multiple time zones, managing texts 24 hours a day.
  • Our own staff: the PMs are permanent employees; the translators are partly permanent employees and partly collaborators who work on a preferential basis for SMG Languages. This ensures greater control over human resources, facilitating their training and raising their awareness.
  • The progress of translation work is supervised continuously by our PMs through specific software developed in-house. One of our PMs will follow all stages of the translation process and can provide updates on the progress at any time. They will also plan measures to handle any unforeseen events, leaving you worry-free.
  • Substitutes with identical skills are ready to intervene in the event of unavailability of those originally appointed.

SMG’s main solutions

Summary translation

In exceptional cases, we can reduce the time even further thanks to our summary translation service: our expert translators identify and translate the main concepts for the client, extrapolating and translating only the information you really need, which saves a great deal of time.

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Preliminary machine translation + human revision

We do not recommend machine translation to private individuals but, if requested, we know how to use it to best effect: we use it only to obtain a pre-translation more quickly, with probable errors corrected through subsequent revision by one of our expert editors. This enables us to further reduce the turnaround time for urgent translations.

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Case study: Leonardo-Finmeccanica

For Leonardo S.p.A., we have completed numerous urgent translations, even producing express deliveries within 15 minutes of the order. This is only possible thanks to dedicated project managers and our extensive translation memory system, which stores and retrieves similar texts from previous translations.

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