Creative writing for advertising material: our copywriting services in many languages

Our service offers texts written by native language copywriters directly into a foreign language, for an exceptionally effective result.

Simple translations are not enough if you want to be successful in promoting your product abroad; what you need is advertising and communications material written directly in the target language, in line with the cultural background and mindset of the target audience.

You are sure to be a winner with our multilingual copywriting service, which mainly consists in the drafting of advertising material by professional copywriters who convey your concepts directly in the language of the target market of your project.

While it may be true that advertising material can be adapted for the local culture through translation, translations will nonetheless follow the structure of the source language of the text. That is why we believe that copywriting is far more preferable to a regular translation when it comes to advertising.

Our copywriting service offers material devised and written directly in the native language, for outstanding results. The copywriters in our foreign offices can create highly effective advertising material for you, including by taking advantage of the techniques created as a result of the development of the new web and social media channels.

Recently, copywriting has found interesting applications for the web, including in the form of activities such as blogging, web writing and social media writing, which combine the creativity of writing with the management of highly dynamic content. Strict compliance with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) principles allows us to create web-optimised texts, i.e. designed in such a way as to satisfy search engine logic and that will thus feature among the first hits in your customers’ searches.

Web writing

creative writing for websites and online content (social media, online advertising campaigns), optimised in terms of SEO for organic positioning in search engines;

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Article writing

writing informative articles and advertising material for thematic directories, portals and sites, optimised through use of an SEO keyword-based approach and link building.

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Why we love copywriting

With a passion for foreign languages, SMG has been creating texts from the bottom of its heart since 1996. We write your story, leaving a mark in faraway lands.

We tell the world your story: we tell it about your magical product and your great idea. We write, translate and publish words and images in a thousand languages. We take you to faraway countries where you will stir deep emotions and where many will choose you. We will make them dream about you, every day.

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