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SMG UK Translations Limited (SMG UK) also offers specialised Text Revision & Review, Cultural Adaptation and Optimisation services for companies and advertising agencies.

Multilingual Localisation

“Localisation” is a tool that tailors your communication to the culture and the technology of foreign markets, and requires technical and linguistic expertise and a profound understanding of those markets.
Our worldwide presence ensures that language services are tailored to the individual market you wish to communicate with, because they are offered by people who live and work in those locations. Our Copywriters and Native-Speaking Translators have daily contact with the socio-cultural and linguistic changes taking place in the countries where they live and work. They translate in the fields in which they themselves are experienced both drafting and appropriately adapting advertising texts.

Special price conditions for Graphic Design Studios and Advertising Agencies

In order to create new synergies and promote the use of our language services on a regular basis, SMG UK offers special terms for graphic design studios and advertising agencies and guarantees the utmost professionalism in the work we do with our clients.

Advertising Translations

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