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Do you need a professional translation of your report in English, German, French or another language? Do you need a quick turnaround? We provide a team of financial translators working for you at our international offices: in-house staff that are highly trained, informed and bound by strict confidentiality agreements. Some considerations concerning financial report translations and useful tips for clients.

Expert Financial Translators

In collaboration with leading accountacy firms, in 2006 we launched a continual tax and accounting training programme aimed at our translators. The customer can inform our project managers of any details they want the translator to be aware of regarding their Financial Reports, Explanatory Notes or Director’s Report. Assigning a financial translation to someone is a matter of trust: our linguists and project managers are available to hear each of your individual requirements and produce a translation that is faithful to the original.

IAS/IFSR Terminology

IOur translators are trained to translate texts in accordance with accounting standards introduced in Europe by the International Accounting Standards (IAS) and subsequent International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). This involves the financial reports of insurance companies, banks, financial companies and the consolidated balance sheets of Italian S.p.A companies that are listed on the Stock Exchange. Using these principles, the client can indicate any deviations from his/her balance sheet and provide appropriate clarification as regards the balance sheet items.

Retrieval of repetitive texts

We use specific IT tools to retrieve previously translated parts of texts, avoiding the need to have to re-translate them from scratch. This solution ensures more uniformity across texts, reducing translation time and keeping costs down to the advantage of the client. We recommend that you provide your previously translated balance sheets so that it is possible to check for the repetition of parts for the updated translation.

Number check

During the revision of translations, which occurs before the translation is sent to the client, we check the necessary conversions of commas into decimal points and of decimal points to commas for numbers in the thousands as required by English language translation. The same is applied to the translation of dates where the order of the day/month in British and American English needs to be inversed depending on which is used. It is useful for the client to indicate which country the translation is intended for when ordering.

Graphic Layout

Studio Moretto Group’s in-house IT Department can format translations to appear like the original. To speed up the translation into a foreign language we recommend that the client provides us with files that can be overwritten.

Sworn Translation

Translations by our official translators can be sworn upon via the process of Certified Translation and, if needed, legalised for use abroad. Our Project Managers are on hand for consultations on the type of sworn and certified translation needed and will carry out the entire process for you at the Competent Court.

Our most requested financial translations since 1996

  • Financial Reports for Private Law Businesses: annual financial reports (Income statement, Balance sheet and explanatory notes);
  • Insurance company Financial Reports;
  • Banks Financial Reports;
  • Public Administration Financial Reports;
  • Third Sector Financial Reports, (such as nonprofit organisations);
  • Interim financial reports (translations of semi-annual and quarterly reports);
  • Managing Director’s Report;
  • Financial Statements;
  • Auditor’s Report;
  • Social reports.

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