Translation services for the IT and telecommunications industries

Our translators have been providing assistance in the industry since 2001, with over 1,200,000 words translated. We provide a professional service for the translation of technical texts such as manuals, catalogues, technical specifications, technical drawings, tender specifications, standards, patents and software interfaces.

Our team of translators

The support of mechanical, electronic and computer engineers ensures our linguists produce translations which are technically accurate and stylistically correct.

Training and developing the awareness of our translators

To maintain high standards in the field of translation for information technology and telecommunications, all our translators are subjected to rigorous training and an on-going improvement program, which is certified ISO 9001.

Terminology databases to support our translations

Some of the most recent terminology databases which we have developed to support our translators are listed below (over 10,000 technical terms for translation in the information technology and telecommunications sectors in Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and other languages).

  • User interfaces: lexicon for translating user friendly software interfaces, especially in the telephone sector;
  • Telephony: glossary for the translation of software and instruction booklets for mobile phones;


The way we work

Before delivery to the customer, all of our translations are checked by other translators who work for us. In addition to this verification on every single text, we encourage constant communication with the customer in order to create a constructive exchange which aims to continually improve the quality of the service.

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