Medical and pharmaceutical translations

Scientific texts translated and subjected to a linguistic “check-up”

The many years of experience our translation agency has in the scientific field have resulted in the creation of the SMG Medicine service line, dedicated exclusively to the linguistic needs of clients operating in the medical and pharmaceutical sector.

Our scientific translators and interpreters regularly assist pharmaceutical companies, research centres, hospitals, medical associations, public/private health institutions and professionals of the scientific world who require efficient translation, interpreting and language training services.

Medical language uses terminology which is rigorously standardised and that requires accurate and translations demonstrating in-depth knowledge. This is pertinent when we consider the fact that we are talking about our most precious asset: our health.

For this reason, we carry out medical and pharmaceutical translations using only translators specifically trained in scientific fields and we submit the translated texts to rigorous quality checks which conform to the European standard for translation quality (UNI EN 15038 and ISO 17.100), verifying and improving them thanks to control checks carried out by other translators and medical professionals

The medical and pharmaceutical translation service is carried out by our native speaker translators in our foreign offices located in the country where the requested language is the official language.

Here are some examples:

  • In the UK and the USA, we carry out medical translations into British and American English respectively;
  • In Italy, we carry out medical translations into Italian;
  • In France, we carry out medical translations into scientific French;
  • In Germany, we carry out medical translations into German;
  • In Spain, we carry out medical translations into European Spanish;
  • In Latin America, we carry out medical translations into Latin American Spanish and Portuguese.

Linguistic services for medicine and pharmaceuticals

As well as written translation, the Medical Translation Department supplies a vast range of linguistic services to facilitate the dialogue within the international scientific community:

  • Translations with urgent delivery times and projects of long duration
  • Linguistic revision of scientific translations by the client
  • Text recordings and transcriptions of conference proceedings and sworn medical translations
  • Dubbing and subtitling of videos in foreign language
  • Interpreters for medical conferences. We offer simultaneous, consecutive and chuchotage
  • Interpreting services over the phone
  • Hostess for fairs and conferences
  • Language training for healthcare workers

Translation specialisations

The medical and pharmaceutical translation services are available in all the European languages and the main Asian languages. 80% of the medical translations executed up until now have been in English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

We translate texts and supply interpreting services for a great number of medical specialisations, which are listed below. The written translation service includes pharmaceutical patents, scientific articles, clinical trials and technical manuals for the medical industry.

Anaesthesia and Resuscitation
First Aid
Forensic Medicine
General Medicine

Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Industrial medicine
Internal Medicine
Medical Governance

Radiology and Radiotherapy
Sport Medicine

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