Sworn, certified and legalised translation services

Our company is authorised to provide sworn translations in english and in other languages

“Certified” or “sworn” translations serve to formalize contracts, proxies, patents and documents to be presented to a partner or a public office in a foreign language or in any case in a language different from the original.

Studio Moretto Group specializes in the urgent sworn translation of tender documents (translation of financial statements, company searches, DURCs (insurance contribution payment certificates), technical bids etc.), notary and corporate documents.

In addition, sworn translations are required, for example, by naturalisation offices (for the translation of certificates of marriage, divorce, birth or death), consulates, from immigration offices or by educational institutions (for translation of school reports and school diplomas).

How do we certify a translation?

Our Business and Legal department can translate and certify your documents. The following are certain types of certification.


Asseveration is an oath made in the office of public authority (in many countries the office of the Clerk of the Court or a Justice of Peace or a notary) who certifies the use of the translation in the nation in which the oath takes place. In some nations only Sworn Translators, i.e. those enrolled on the register of the court or recognized by the government) can take the oath: our Business and Legal Department can advise you and translate and certify your documents.

How does asseveration work?

The client provides us with the original document or a certified copy. The original is a document issued by public administration, a public official or a company on letterhead paper with signatures and stamps or seals. A certified copy is a reproduction of an original document, certified as s a true copy by the declaration of an authorised public official.

We prepare a price estimate  on the basis of the length of the document to be translated and sworn and the delivery time requested by the client.

We perform the service. If the client agrees to the quote, we do the translation and swear an oath at the local court for a paper file consisting of: the original document or certified copy + translation + the asseveration statement. The file includes unopenable seals between the pages: it is thus impossible to detach the original document from the translation or from the statement.

Legalisation and Hague Apostille

These are certifications by which a public office (in many countries the Public Prosecutor of the Republic or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or of Justice) authenticates the translation for use abroad.

Internal certification

When certification by a public body is not required, Studio Moretto Group can certify that its own translations are accurate and complete, performed according the best of their knowledge by competent personnel in full respect of confidentiality.

The main types of translation we have certified

  • Bank documents
  • Birth certificates
  • Car registrations
  • Certificates of citizenship
  • Certificates of family status
  • Certificates of incorporation
  • Certificates of pending charges
  • Certificates of residence
  • Certificates of separation
  • Certificates of the Chamber of Commerce
  • Civil Certificates
  • Company searches
  • Contracts
  • Corporate by-laws
  • Criminal certificates
  • Criminal records
  • Customs documents
  • Death Certificates
  • Diplomas
  • Divorce certificates
  • Driving licences
  • Due diligence declarations
  • Enrolment certificates
  • Financial statements
  • General certificates
  • Horse passports
  • Identity cards
  • Insurance documents
  • Land registry certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Minutes from meetings
  • Mortgage searches
  • Notary deeds in general
  • Passports
  • Patents
  • Registration documents
  • School reports
  • Single status certificates
  • Special proxies
  • Sports certificates
  • Statutory declarations
  • Vaccination cards

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