Patent translation: the importance of language in protecting products and intellectual property

Our National Conference of Translation Studies of 21.10.2010 emphasized the critical importance of accurate and informed translation for safeguarding intellectual property and protecting products on international markets. We also illustrated the solutions developed by the companies in our group that provide patent translation and language consultancy services in the fields of mechanical engineering, electronics and in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Validation of technical terminology

During the conference, we presented our Terminology Research Protocol, an innovative tool that we apply to identify, verify and validate the technical terminology used in our translations.

Expert translators

The use of native translators up-to-date with the industry developments in technology and language is an essential prerequisite for producing high quality translations. Our offices are home to teams of permanent staff bound by professional secrecy and always available for discussion with our clients.

Quality control of 100% of the texts

All our translated texts are subject to UNI EN 15038 certified quality control. Our Quality Assurance system requires that every translation is produced by team of translators, revisers and terminology specialists, who ensure accuracy of form and content through stringent cross-checks.


The many years of experience of Studio Moretto Group in translating for the Italian Defence and industry leaders in the armaments sector have given rise to the implementation of systems for the management of confidential and secret information.

Most requested languages for patent translation

About the 60% of our technical patent translations are into English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and German. The rest of the translations are predominantly into Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Greek and Turkish.

During the last few years, we have seen a sharp increase in the demand for translations into eastern languages such as Arabic, Chinese and Korean, creating greater opportunities for the body of translators working in these languages that we have been growing since 2007.


We provide guidance and practical advice on the translations required for registering a patent, inviting clients, in any case, to refer to the competent authorities for possible updates to procedures.

To request a European patent:

following the examination and validation of your patent by the EPO (European Patent Office – European Patent Office), it will need to be translated into the languages of the countries in which it is recognized. We recommend that you check your eligibility for a European patent with unitary effect (Unitary Patent), which provides protection in all EU countries by simply presenting the EPO patent applications in English, French or German. Should the applicant present the patent application in another language, the EPO would refund the translation into one of the three official languages. Once one of the three official languages has been chosen, it must be maintained for the duration of the patent.

To request an international patent (PCT):

you must submit an application to W.I.P.O. (World Intellectual Property Organisation) with headquarters in Geneva: please note that communication with the W.I.P.O. must be in English, French or German.

Main patent applications translated

  • We produce technical translations of patents for validation at national level and for extension to foreign countries;
  • Translation of Invention Patents;
  • Translation of Design Patents;
  • Translation of Utility Patents;
  • Translation of Trademarks;
  • Translation of Prior Art Searches to check for the existence of similar patents already filed;
  • Translation of objections, complaints and appeals submitted to the competent authorities, such as the EPO (European Patent
  • Office) or individual national patent offices.

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