Practical experience with a multinational sector leader

Studio Moretto Group translation and communication centres in Brescia (Italy), Bristol (United Kingdom) and Barcelona (Spain) we offer training courses geared towards training new talented individuals. The training courses enable the reality of the world of work to be experienced in a completely practical way, with the constant support of expert Trainers.

Training courses

  • Translation: translation and revision of texts, use of CAT tools, terminological research, page layout, localisation and cultural adjustment;
  • Translation and Project Management: as well as the above, business activities (client/supplier relationship) and organisational tasks (quality checks and completion of the translation project) are also included;
  • Marketing and Sales: Web marketing, direct contact with prospective clients based on analysis of the market;
  • Human Resources: research, selection and training of staff;
  • Administration: assisting with accounts and statistical support;
  • IT: programming and use of SQL, HTML and CAT tools.


The duration of the courses is decided based on availability and the candidate’s aims. In actual fact we can organise training courses which last from 2 months to more than a year in one or more of our offices.


The course attendee will work on real projects with the support of expert trainers who will give feedback on the tasks carried out as well as extra training. Elements of theoretical training are also provided. The results of the course will be certified thus becoming an important reference both for the world of work as well as academic education.

Objectives of the Translation Course

  1. To translate texts of a varying nature. If the course is attended for up to four months, the candidate should learn to translate 10 pages of 1500 characters in 8 hours at the quality level defined by Studio Moretto Group as “Medium”; if the course is attended for more then four months a target of 12 pages is required;
  2. Efficient use of language research instruments;
  3. Efficient use of software used during the course;
  4. Ability to type correctly using two hands;
  5. Awareness of the professional reality of the translator today;
  6. Identification of one or more sectors in which to specialise in the future.

Objectives of the Translation and Project Management Course

  1. All of the objectives outlined above for the Translation course;
  2. Efficient application of Project Management procedures;
  3. Efficiently carrying out client research tasks and managing offers and assignments;
  4. Awareness of the translation market realities.

Objectives of other courses

  1. Awareness of the market and corporate procedures in the sector;
  2. Efficient use of software used in the sector.

Post-course Opportunities

On completion of the course the most talented individuals might be identified to the Studio Moretto Group’s partners and may be invited to participate in a selection process to join our international network through:

  • Employment;
  • Collaboration as external free-lancers;
  • Opening their own office as an affiliate.

Fees and Scholarships

Based on the entry test score we will confirm the availability of scholarships awarded by the company partners for the most talented course attendees, which will cover the cost of the course and may also cover other living expenses. The course will be offered free of charge to a restricted number of university student interns as stipulated by Italian Law.

Application and assessment of candidates

Send your application to attaching your CV and covering letter, indicating the course you are interested in attending, the period of availability, the office (or offices) where you would like to be based, languages spoken and personal goals for the future.

The company can help candidates in finding <strong>accommodation and for university student interns, it will assist in bureaucratic matters.

International offices


Studio Moretto Group Srl is a parent company with Headquarters in Brescia, an industrial city rich in history which offers multiple business opportunities targeted “made in Italy”. This office coordinates the Group’s activities in an extremely dynamic and International environment.


SMG UK Translations Ltd. is present in the UK with one office, in Bristol. The company manages translation projects for British customers and seeks to provide added value for clients who require top localisation services into British English.

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The Barcelona office is home to talented candidates who enjoy a stimulating work environment and the charm of this stunning, modern European city. Located in the heart of the city, the office carries out translation and communication projects for some of Spain’s major public bodies and for many of the group’s international customers. A great work experience for those who love to embrace challenges.

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