Story: a passion for translation since 1996

Studio Moretto Group (also known as SMG Languages) is a multinational language services agency fostering on cross-cultural contamination and aggregation.

It all started in 1996 when Luca Moretto, professional interpreter, started a translation office, Studio Moretto, the seed that gave rise to what is now globally known as SMG.

Translation and foreign language multimedia content management was the first stage of our work, acknowledged by leading customers  such as the European Union and some of the largest companies in the world. Devoted to excellence and to constant linguistic research, we assist companies and institutions by providing innovative publishing, translation and communication services in over 160 languages. We conduct linguistic research in collaboration with CRL (Language Research Institute) that is part of SMG group.

In the meantime, the agency has grown to become global with the creation of the British company SMG UK Translations Limited (SMG UK) based in London, of the Latin American company Studio Moretto Group America Sac (SMG America) based in Lima and Medellin, and of the Spanish branch (SMG España) based in Madrid.

In 2014 a corporate division named SMG Meeting  in charge of event management and catering & banqueting was born.  Now, it has already established itself as a successful tenderer in major public contracts such as ‘Expo 2015, Regione Veneto and Regione Lombardia.

In 2019 Studio Interpreti Milan was taken over by Studio Moretto. Founded in 1990, this historic translation agency in Milan offers the highest quality services with an exclusive position in the medium-high end of the market.

Today, we are proud to present our achievements in order to create a better future together.

Our language services

  • Specialised translations: legal, financial, technical and scientific
  • Emergency services and “last minute” language solutions
  • Sworn translations and certified translations, with acceptance of liability
  • Localisation and cultural adaptaions for international markets
  • Revision of client translations and language revamping
  • Multilingual content management: optimisation and integration solutions
  • Transcription of texts from hard copy, audio and video
  • Dubbing and subtitling of videos for abroad
  • Conference interpreting simultaneous, consecutive and whispered
  • Interpreting for business meetings,  interpreting by phone and videoconferencing
  • Hostess service for trade fairs and conferences
  • Personalised language courses

Mission: sustainability, excellence and strategy

Aware of the need to respond to profound changes in the global marketplace by applying a forward-thinking policy which is socially conscious and has a different logic to that of immediate profit, Studio Moretto Group has a policy to work in a way which is socially sustainable, strategic and maintains excellent quality.

Through the thorough involvement of human resources, the widespread improvement of its QA System and the constant innovations in technology and work processes, Studio Moretto Group effectively designs and delivers services which respond to the market needs. This is achieved by applying a sustainable growth model, with positive effects on the social and business environment.

SMG UK Translations implements policies of business growth and relations with stakeholders to guarantee harmonious, secure and therefore sustainable growth, thus ensuring:

  • High quality language services: thanks to our professional industry experts and rigorous process organisation.
  • Innovative solutions: thanks to our international presence and to cooperation with leading academic and research institutions.
  • Service continuity: made possible by our highly sustainable economic model, providing the essential foundations for lasting relationships with clients.

Vision: why I created a multinational company

The vision of Luca Moretto, General Director of Studio Moretto Group

I trained as a linguist and ambition has always been my inseparable companion. A traditional agency churning out barely adequate translations was never my dream. I wanted my team to have broader horizons, like a horse with the bit between its teeth, with all that hard work becoming a reality, something I continue to create every day.

So, I began to disseminate the idea of SMG in the world: a group of communication offices with permanent, local staff, highly motivated and part of a socially aware and highly productive work environment. We are factories of words and images, established right where the foreign language is for us our mother tongue.

It was precisely how we started that has made us so successful. Founded as a translation agency in 1996, SMG continues to work with languages: when we take you and your business abroad, we translate your local idea into an international concept, communicating it through the languages of the web, the media and the world of business. Today SMG is a global provider of communication services.

And when you’re riding that horse, with the bit between its teeth, the challenge becomes momentum and this mission turns into a wonderful dream. I’ve created a multinational company and I want it to be great!

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